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What is a buyer's agent?

Buyers' Agent works exclusively on your behalf when you're buying a property. Buyers' Agents assist buyers through all phases of the purchasing process. From locating the right property for you, determining its true market value, to negotiating the best possible price, and, bidding on your behalf at auction.

What is the difference between a traditional real estate agent and a buyer's agent?

The real estate agent is commissioned by the vendor to sell his/her home, so the agent is working on behalf of the vendor because it is the vendor who pays the agent his sales commission. Therefore, the agent cannot negotiate the price or terms of a property purchase on behalf of the buyer as he/she is really working for the vendor.

What are the benefits of employing a buyer's agent?

Buyer's agents save the purchaser money by negotiating the best purchase price Buyer's agents save the purchaser time by doing all the legwork Buyer's agents also save the purchaser stress by helping them through the minefield of a real estate purchase.

What does a buyer's agent do?

The job of a good advocate is to find or confirm the right property for the buyer, not to sell a vendor’s property. A good advocate reduces the price of purchase, performs extensive due diligence on a selected property, and informs the buyer of both the positives and negatives of the purchase in mind.

The new National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents is currently developing a code of conduct for its members, for more information please contact Property Buyers Agents Association Of Australia -


New South Wales

  • PK Property Search & Negotiators Pty Ltd
    The first, largest and most experienced Buyer's Agent in
    Sydney, Australia. We locate, negotiate & bid on property for local, interstate and overseas based buyers. Let us save you thousands of $$$ on your next property purchase. More information.

    Propertybuyer Best choice, guaranteed results! We find your dream home or investment property at the lowest possible price. You save thousands of $$$ by engaging the experts in property search and negotiation. Fixed quotes. Cashflow positive, capital growth and investment specialists. Sydney and Australia wide. FREE market updates.

  • SydneySlice Personalised Professional Service
    We specialise in finding property for expats, foreign investors & busy professionals. We search, locate & negotiate to find the right property at the best price, saving you time, money & stress.

    Established in 1999 after extensive research into Buyer Agency practice internationally. Our aim is to provide confidential and dedicated home finding and acquisition serv
    ices to personal and corporate clients. Our experience has been gained over 18
    years dealing in all facets of real estate.

  • Buyer Service
    Ensuring you purchase the highest quality property that meets your budget at the best possible price.

  • Prestige Buyers
    We offer expert advice and guidance in property purchase, always working in your best interest. Our experience in the market place assists you in making the correct decisions. Our goal is to purchase your ideal property in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible price and with the most advantageous terms and conditions available.

  • Property Confidential
    Property services in the general residential, commercial and industrial real estate markets. Our services are designed for individuals, investors, small businesses, corporations and
    estate managers. Whether buying, selling or looking for your next business premises - we can help.

  • In Your Corner Pty Ltd.
    Representing buyers in Sydney's finest suburbs. Has the hunt
    for your next property become too daunting? We can help. We search, locate & negotiate property on behalf of the buyer exclusively. Our agents are ‘suburb’ specialists providing you more local knowledge and expertise. Our agents are licensed
    and certified and offer the most competitive rates in Sydney.

  • Sydney Property Finders
    As Sydney's premier buyer's agents, we can help you with everything from finding the right property, to researching, negotiating and bidding at auction. So whether it's your first time looking for property, whether you live interstate or overseas, or if you simply want to buy without the hassle, we can help. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Rose and Jones
    Property is our passion. Let us know what you're looking for
    and we will do what it takes to find it. We can spend six days a week searching your preferred areas. We have access to every real estate agent in Sydney. Through our network of contacts, we hear about properties yet to be listed - and some which never will be listed.


  • James Buyers Advocate
    Welcome to JPP. If you are buying a property whether it be a family home or investment we can help you to save money,
    time and stress, avoid costly mistakes, negotiate with agents and bid at auctions.

  • Bruce Renowden Pty Ltd
    As your buyer's advocates, we will provide you with qualified and experienced representation, when you need it. Eighteen years
    previously as selling agents and auctioneers and now as one of Melbourne's longest established buyer's agents. Our goal is your success

  • Buyer Solutions
    Buyer Solutions is a fully independent property consultancy and advisory. We represent the interests of the property buyer in the market place. Our industry skills and experience are employed for the buyers' benefit

  • Morrell and Koren
    We were Australia's first buyers' agents, we are its most experienced and where we have led others are still following. We are the most effective buyers' agents in Australia.

  • Prime Estate | Buyers Agent
    Our professional and independent service covers every step of the purchasing process, from locating a property through to negotiating the best possible price. Let Prime Estate save you time & money when purchasing a property.

  • Peter Rogozik Property Consulting
    Our services include - property search and evaluation,
    condition reports, advice from in-house lawyer, auction
    bidding, investor seminars, Licensed Estate Agent.
    Registered Building Practitioner

  • Advantage Property Consulting
    Welcome to Advantage Property Consulting Pty Ltd.
    We are a Melbourne based Buyers Advocate company and Licensed Estate Agent that specialises in the inner bayside
    and inner city areas.

  • National Property Buyers
    For a personalised and professional approach on your next residential, investment or commercial property purchase.

  • James Buyer Advocate
    We are Buyers Advocates or Buyer Agents, the opposite to traditional real estate agents in that we work for you the
    buyer. We are about getting you the right property at the lowest possible price

  • Buyers Advocate
    Absolutely independent property consultants, land economists, valuers and business acquisition advisers.

  • David McRae & Company
    Our charter is to take your detailed brief and search out the most appropriate property, then negotiate the most cost-effective deal possible. We exclusively service your specific needs and remove you from the unsatisfactory system of property sales, which currently prevails.

  • Michael Ramsay Property
    Working exclusively for the purchasers of private homes and investment properties. The sole purpose of the organisation
    is to source and secure the ideal property for the lowest possible price, in the shortest amount of time and on the most favourable terms.

  • Paule Bane Real Estate
    Our commitment and professionalism at Paule Bane Real Estate have resulted in sales achievements above market expectations. With commitment to our clientele from smart cottages,
    units and townhouses to larger family homes, we offer personal attention, regular communication and accountability that they expect.


  • Property Research Pty Ltd
    Our organisation assists local, interstate and overseas
    individuals in searching out suitable properties for owner occupation or investment. In the past purchasers of property have had to gain market information from real estate agents
    who legally act on behalf of the vendor. Our service covers everything from finding a suitable property through to negotiation and acquisition, and most importantly we work for YOU, the buyer.

    At we put our clients first by finding and purchasing their ideal property for the best possible price. We have access to the most critical market information that will ensure you make a confident investment decision and receive maximum returns; eliminating the stress and uncertainty of property buying

  • Buyers Advocate
    Absolutely independent property consultants, land economists, valuers and business acquisition advisers.

  • Sagacious
    The purchase experience is more pleasant as you deal with one agent who is working for you - the buyer - in your best interests. Will represent you the buyer exclusively

  • The Buyer's Agent
    The Buyer’s Agent is a real estate company fast becoming famous for NEVER selling real estate, choosing instead to work FOR property buyers... Exclusively! As your Buyer’s Agent we have access to the whole market from which to locate suitable property.

  • Buyers Help
    If you're looking for real estate in Brisbane or South East Queensland, Australia, Buyers Help is here to assist you.
    We find the type of property you're looking for and then negotiate the best possible price, terms and conditions for
    you, our client. Yes, a licensed real estate agency.
    But instead of acting for the seller, we act for you, the buyer.

    South Australia

  • Waterman & Waterman Pty. Ltd
    Buying a home involves one of the biggest decisions and one of the biggest financial commitments you will make. Selecting the right home or investment in the right location, along with negotiating the purchase or bidding at auction, can be a daunting experience. Then there’s arranging the mortgage. At Waterman & Waterman the buyer agents, we protect and assist you, the buyer, in your search for that elusive "dream home" or investment. Our knowledge and experience removes the stress, legwork and anxiety that so often go along with buying property.


  • We find houses Limited
    Regardless if you are looking for an Investment Property, Commercial Property or your own home to buy or rent our professional team and discounted service providers are here to assist you. Please take your time to familiarise yourself with the range of benefits and services we provide to our clients.



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